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The LIVEfit HCG Transformation Program

What is HCG?

hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) is a hormone found in the cells of all human tissue, both male and female.  During pregnancy, it is naturally produced in great amounts in the placenta, regulating the metabolism of the pregnant woman therefore providing the fetus with nutrients. Dr. Simeons found that the combination of daily hCG injections with a very specific low calorie diet can cause significant and successful weight loss without experiencing the common symptoms generally associated with fast weight loss. hCG is also used to treat under developed or poorly functioning sex glands, though in much greater amounts than when used for weight loss. Although hCG is technically a sex hormone, it will not make a normal male more virile, nor a normal female more fertile. The hCG injections are administered the same way insulin is (in the belly) and are very small and virtually painless.


How Does hCG work?

When injected into a non-fertilized human body, hCG forces the abnormal fat reserves to be released into the blood stream, burning 1500-4000 calories daily; this alone allows the patient to live comfortably on a 500 calorie diet. In Pounds & Inches, Dr. Simeons states “I found that as long as such patients were given small daily doses of hCG, they could comfortably go about their occupations on a diet of only 500 calories daily and lose an average of about one pound per day. It was also perfectly evident that only abnormal fat was being consumed, as there were no signs of any depletion of normal fat. Their skin remained fresh and turgid, and gradually their figures became entirely normal.” Some may argue that just as much weight can be lost by cutting your calories back to around 500 a day without taking hCG injections. While it may be true that weight can be dropped just by changing your diet to that of a very low calorie, it is very unhealthy. The human body contains 3 different kinds of fat: Structural fat; which fills the gaps between organs & keeps the skin looking smooth and taut, acting almost as a packing material. Then there is normal fat which acts as a fuel reserve that our bodies can draw upon freely when the nutritional income from the intestinal tract is insufficient. Lastly is abnormal fat, which has the potential to be used as a fuel supply but it is locked away in  fixed deposits through your body; chin, thighs, arms, buttocks, hips, lower abdomen etc… Side affects are minimal with hCG and no prescription drugs will interfere with it. The main side affects are caused by the body’s own natural detoxification process during the beginning of the very low calorie diet. Most common side affects are headache, light fatigue, better sleep and of course, weight loss! Some people may experience acne/rashes (toxins trying to release through the skin pores), cramping (deficiency of Potassium & Magnesium). Most of the hardships are overcome after one week on the low calorie diet.


Reasons why we’re different

* We use only true prescription custom-compounded HUMAN Chorionic Gonadotrophin, it does not come from animals. In the hCG protocol, Pounds & Inches, Dr. Simeons states “it must of course be of human and not of animal origin” & “Animal chorionic gonadotrophin is much less rapidly broken down in the human body than hCG, and it is also less suitable for the treatment of obesity.” Click here to view a copy of an analysis of the hCG medication we prescribe. 

* At LIVEfit Medicine, we take you through all 4 phases of the diet, step by step. Each stage is of the upmost importance, if the protocol is not followed precisely, successful and permanent weight loss cannot be achieved.

* At LIVEfit, your program begins the day of your consultation. The patient meets with Willie Hamilton, FNP, for a personalized hCG consult and medical evaluation.  Most patients are scheduled for follow-up appointments as needed. All office visits are included with your program. Any non-hCG related office visit will incur a fee of $59.

* Friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff who have themselves undergone treatments of hCG in the past (one of our staff members shed over 200 lbs in a single year under the guidance of LIVEfit Medicine).

* We make ourselves available to you! The patient can call, e-mail, chat via the social network in the private sector or just drop in to the clinic for any help, advice or support needed.

* Voted #1 for Weight Loss in the Kingsport Times News Readers Choice Awards 2011 & 2012

* We understand that times are hard. We want everyone to have the opportunity to live a healthy style. Interest free payment plans are available upon request. Speak with our accounts payable.

What is included with the program? All 23 or 40 day programs through LIVEfit  are based upon the HCG injections (125IU per 0.5ml base on Dr. Simeon’s protocol) and covers all four phases (or steps) of the 23 day or 40 day treatment, syringes, one vial of HCG powder with bacteriostatic water, 2 weeks of body cleanse tablets, lipotrim shots (6 on 23 day program & 12 on 40 day program; take 2x weekly) while on HCG injections (or 30 days of lipotrim-b pills), follow-up appointments and all phases of the treatment. We ask that all patients walk 45 minutes daily, but do not allow any weight lifting exercises while on the very low-calorie portion of the program. Patients will need to be able to drink 50% of their body weight in plain ounces of water daily.

23-Day hCG Kit with vial of hCG (125 IU / 0.5ML), syringes, 2 weeks of quick cleanse & 30 days of Lipotrim-B Pills. (Not pictured: Bacteriostatic water).


In order to provide all of our patients with the appropriate time and attention, we see all patients by appointment only. Anyone  interested in going through our hCG injection program will first have to provide their medical history and consult with nurse practitioner, Willie Hamilton. If you are more than 100 miles from our clinic in Kingsport, then we can  work with you to setup a consultation appointment via the free Skype webcam or via telephone.

Appointment Days (Limited Availability):  Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays

Walk-in Lipotrim injection hours: Mon-Thurs 9am to 6pm, Fri & Sat 9am to 1pm, Closed Sun

When you come in to the clinic for your visit, we’ll have you fill out an intake form and sign a consent form. You’ll meet with Willie Hamilton, FNP for your consultation. Once your consultation is complete, you will meet with our billing representative to settle payment or setup a payment plan and the final step involves having us educating you on how and when to take your medication. If this is your first experience with hCG and giving yourself an injection, please expect to spend 30-45 mins today.


When do I get my hCG?

If you’re visiting our office in person, we can get all of your supplies to you the same day of your appointment and you can get started as early as the next morning. If we are shipping you your supplies, you’ll have your package within just 3-4 business days following consultation and payment. We ship all packages via U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail.


Our Success We boast a success rate of 95% with our hCG transformation program. We have had more than 75 people lose 100 pounds or more with five of those losing more than 200 pounds!  In addition, we were voted #1 Weight Loss Center in 2011 & 2012  in the Readers Choice Awards by readers of the Kingsport Times News!


Hunger Scale In Pounds & Inches, Dr. Simeons states “When an obese patient tries to reduce by starving himself, he will first lose his normal fat serves. When these are exhausted he begins to burn up structural fat and only as a last resort will the body yield its abnormal reserves, though by that time the patient usually feels so weak and hungry that the diet is abandoned. It is just for this reason that obese patients complain that when they diet they lose the wrong fat. They feel famished and tired and their faces become drawn and haggard, but their belly, hips, thighs and upper arms show little improvement.” Some patients fear that the hCG transformation will end like all other diets; you lose weight temporarily only to gain it right back plus a few extra pounds. To maintain a healthy weight, one must have a healthy metabolism. It is extremely difficult to build a healthy metabolism on your own, especially after years of over eating and eating the wrong foods. During Phase 3 of the hCG diet, patients have the opportunity to re-build their metabolism by following a planned diet (given to you during your Phase 3 appointment) and incorporating exercise into your lifestyle. This works because the hCG hormone resets the hypothalamus gland, a gland that helps the neurotransmitters in the brain to receive messages correctly. When the hypothalamus gland isn’t functioning properly, it can affect metabolism & energy levels, cause salt cravings and hunger in general.


HCG syringe

Sublingual vs. Injections By consuming sublingual drops, the patient cannot accurately measure how much hCG they are putting into their system. If the patient doesn’t consume enough hCG, they will feel very hungry as a 500 calorie diet will not satisfy your needs.

Dr.ATW Simeons researched using hCG for weight loss through 2 methods; enema & injections, not drops. Sublingual drops do not contain enough hCG to reset the hypothalamus gland; because of this, patients will feel hungry & tired and miss out on their chance to rebuild their metabolism. Without rebuilding the metabolism, any weight lost during the diet will be regained. Patients taking hCG drops will see weight loss, but that is because of the restricted 500 calorie diet. Losing weight through starvation is very unhealthy and will only result in lost muscle tissue & future weight gain. True hCG is only available by prescription & cannot be ordered over the internet or otherwise.  hCG drops have no reported studies in the National Library of Medicine .

Keeping the Weight Off

The key to keeping the weight off is to properly stabilize the weight with stabilization before beginning maintenance. Coming off hCG, your calories and protein intake will be increased. We will calculate how much protein you need to eat daily and put you on a very low-glycemic nutritionally clean eating plan  in accordance with the Dr. Simeon’s hCG Protocoal. Exercise is also key, therefore we can provide referrals and discounts to Anytime Fitness in Kingsport, TN.
Please contact us to setup a consultation to come in for a free consultation that will allow our medical administrator to answer  any questions you might have.
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